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  • Hacki Hackisan

  • Hacki Hackisan - Abstrakte Welt

  • Hacki Hackisan - Abstrakte Welt 2

  • Hacki Hackisan

HACKI HACKISAN - www.hackisan.de

Musik ist erst der Anfang!

eBook: Songwriting - Songtext

Who I am...
I'm Hacki and I'm a passionate musician, philosopher, writer, photographer and artist from Baden-Württemberg in Germany. I draw inspiration from metal to classical, from Slayer and Cannibal Corpse to Antonio Vivaldi and Niccolo Paganini, from Bud Spencer and Terence Hill to Einstein and Steven Hawking.
I find inspiration everywhere.

What I do...
I have always been creative and I wanted to spread my art to the world but I did't know how. No one wanted to hear my stories and poems. That depressed me more than ever. In 1998 I pulished two poems in an anthology. I had to pay for that but now I could call myself an author and it was a first step to publicness. But some more years went by before I decided to publish myself by the internet. I started to produce music videos and shared it to the hole world.
Today I not only compose music and produce videos but I also write stories and I transform them into ebooks and audiobooks. And additionally photography is one of my big passions.

Why I need you...
Each work I create costs a lot of power and time and touches my heart. Art is there to be seen by people and it would be a shame and it would be wasted time if this art disappeared again unseen.
That is the reason why I need you!

My aims...
My big aim is to inspire people and to be thought-provoking.

Music is just the beginning!

Because I'm interested in socially critical topics like nature, environmental protection, human rights, dignity of man, war and peace I heared natur's call to make everyone aware of these important topics. That is the reason why I write music and lyrics.

How does man mistreat the environment?
What damage does man cause to nature?

When you think of money and power, why does man just think: "the devil may care"!?

This topic was a matter close to my heart because I realized more and more how mankind mistreats the environment. I realized how little respect mankind has to the earth. How unapologetic and ignorant we are. And how shortsighted we are in relation to the serious implications for the future.

Could be that the culprits don't really realize the implications during their lifetime, because they will be dead for a long time until their actions causes consequences. But our children and the children of our children will have to deal with it. That is not just irresponsible, selfish and life despising but also quite stupid!
If everyone had this attitude then we could surrender right now!

This cannot be overstated...
If man continues like this he won't just destroy the earth but he will also destroy himself.
It was so infinitely important to me to spread this message to the world. Because the world is able to live without us- and she does it very well- but WE CANNOT survive WITHOUT the earth. Because if we destroy the one place which feeds us and which keeps us alive then we will inevitably destroy ourselves.

This is a fundamental mindset which should be embedded inside of all of us.
With all this in mind…just think about it!



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